How soon can I expect to get my bike back after dropping it off?

This is a question we get a lot and it’s a tough one for us because it involves many variables. If you need an oil change, full service, tire change, or simply checking your tires or battery will be done usually within the hour. For more serious services we would have to put you in line with our other customers. This usually takes about a week for us to get you an estimate on your bike; however, this can change depending on how busy we are at the time. In addition, any parts that we don’t have in stock will need to be ordered and delivered, after which we get right on with your bike. If you want to know how busy we are feel free to call us before hand.

What is your shipping policy?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer shipping. However, we do deliver scooters inside the Capital Circle Tallahassee area.

Do you sell or buy used scooters?

We only get Used scooters during a trade in so most likely we won’t have many in. We buy scooters on a case by case basis. Please call in before bringing your bike.

Do you rent scooters anymore?

Unfortunately we don’t anymore. Yes, we know our sign says we do. Yes, we should change our sign.

Do you finance?

Yes! We finance through our financing Company Snap. Please call in for all our options. We also send you a mobile application that can be done on your phone.

Whats the difference between a two-stroke and four-stroke scooter?

Their are positives and negatives to each engine type. Two-stroke bike have a much better low-end (better acceleration) and more torque resulting in a more peppy ride and a world of difference on hills when compared to four-stroke engines. When it comes to oil changes, four-stroke engines need regular oil changes like most cars while two-stroke scooters normally need the oil to be pre-mixed with the fuel. However, our Adly 2-stroke scooters come with a self-mixing reservoir so its easy as topping off the oil reservoir as needed.